If you are considering any of the following projects, you need to be working with the Blue Water District Board of Church Location and Building (the district board):

  • Building a new church building, a new educational building, or a new parsonage. (¶2544a)
  • Purchasing a church building, an educational building, or parsonage. (¶2544b)
  • Remodeling an existing church, an existing educational building, or an existing parsonage where the cost of the remodeling will exceed 25% of the value of the existing structure or require mortgage financing. (¶ 2544c)
  • Remodeling a church or parsonage where the cost of the project, even if done in phases, will exceed 25% of the annual operating budget. (This is an additional requirement of the district board.)

All references to paragraphs (¶) are in The Book of Discipline – 2016. (¶¶2535-2544)